payment card security

Payment Card Security and Protection

Selecting a card processing company is easy — simply choose one with the right price, bells and whistles, and it’s “up, up and away.” Not so fast. Shouldn’t payment card security and protection be near the top of the list in terms of efficacy?

Sure, there are plenty of credit and debit card processing deals on the global market, but being in denial about the need for the latest safeguards can be devastating if their absence opens the door for fraud or security breach closely followed by bad publicity and lost revenue.

food trucks

Mobile Payments for Modern Food Trucks

Where does the modern family eat dinner when dad wants Chinese food, mom is craving tacos and the kids lobby for burgers and fries? The answer is the modern gourmet food truck. The history of mobile food service can be traced to the 1600s when people sold eatables from push carts, and later, to the…

mobile payments

Mobile Payments for Mobile Auto Repairs

Mobile phones have been the rage in recent years, but the origin of mobile auto repairs dates back to the invention of the automobile in the late 1800s. The classic “auto garage” didn’t exist back then, so cars were fixed wherever and whenever by whoever. “For the early car owner, there were no auto repair…

retail startup

How to Start a Retail Startup

The business media offers a never ending supply of “how to get rich quick” ideas that rarely pan out for people living in the real world, including those pursuing a retail startup. Investors launching retail operations face a competitive, full-contact world economy that eats newbies for breakfast on a daily basis. In strip malls across…

fintech and mobile payments

The Latest News in Fintech and Mobile Processing

It’s nearly impossible to read through a business section without finding articles about the latest revelation in financial technology, and the last few weeks are no exception. Fintech seems to shine a bright beam of entrepreneurship and adventure that resonates across multiple audiences including bankers, investors, merchants, government agencies and legislators as well as consumers.…

Study About Starting A Small Business

Study About Starting A Small Business

Starting a small business delivers entrepreneurs a feeling of excitement that can be only dampened by their next thought — the enormity of fine tuning hundreds of considerations such as online presence, correct licenses, financial statements, and cash flow. AAT, The Association of Accounting Technicians, recently did a study on the lack of financial as…

RFID payment bracelets

RFID Bracelets Accessorize the Future of Payments

“High-tech bracelets bring cashless ease to music festivals,” an article published by reporter Josh O’Kane in The Globe and Mail provides a backstage look at the future of payments and how RFID (radio-frequency identification) bracelets were used at a recent outdoor music festival. Averaging 30,000 visitors each day, The Bud Light Digital Dreams Music Festival…