For many businesses — especially service providers and on-the-go merchants — the point of sale has moved far beyond a traditional brick-and-mortar retail location. Instead, they transact business at outdoor markets, sports venues, community and school functions, customers’ homes and more. These busy merchants require a credit card processing solution that’s as mobile as they are — and Constant Processing delivers with ProcessNow® Mobile.

Benefits of Mobile Processing

Mobile credit card processing from Constant Processing harnesses the power of a smartphone or tablet and turns it into a handheld credit card swiper that functions just like the countertop version.

Once you have a merchant account for mobile processing from Constant Processing, you simply download the free ProcessNow Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play to your device and you’re ready to start accepting major credit cards and signature debit cards. ProcessNow Mobile offers portable credit and debit card payment acceptance with the iPad mini or Google Nexus 7 tablets and iPhone® or Android smartphones. Pop on the recommended credit card reader and you can swipe cards anywhere the sale arises, avoiding time-consuming and error-prone manual entry of data while simultaneously saving on processing fees.

Mobile credit card processing with ProcessNow offers the same secure data transmission and fraud alerts as traditional processing options. Receipts are emailed to your customers, saving you the expense of a printer and paper rolls.

Mobile processing opens up all kinds of opportunities for your business. Spend the whole day at a remote venue, transacting sale after sale from your smartphone or tablet. You’re no longer limited to cash-only transactions because you’ve got the full power of mobile processing conveniently at your fingertips.

Service providers who were previously stuck with collecting cash or checks (and then making trips to the bank to deposit them), or were at the mercy of the billing and collection process, can now accept credit cards at the point of service. Transaction proceeds are typically deposited into the merchant account within 48 hours.

ProcessNow Mobile can also be used in tandem with ProcessNow Register, Constant Processing’s full register solution.

Go Mobile and Grow Your Business

Constant Processing is in the vanguard of mobile payment solutions, enabling our merchants to conduct business wherever and whenever it takes them, effectively expanding their reach in the marketplace.

Mobile credit card processing empowers you to accept all major credit cards and signature debit cards almost anywhere, helping you grow your business by moving into outdoor venues and remote areas where sales were previously cash only.

Simply set up a merchant account with us, choose ProcessNow Mobile, download the app to your smartphone or tablet, and you’re ready to accept payment practically anywhere.

Learn more about the many great benefits of mobile credit card processing from Constant Processing by filling out the form on this page or calling the toll-free number, and we’ll be in touch to get the conversation started.

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