For face-to-face transactions in a traditional retail setting, it’s hard to beat point-of-sale terminals for securely processing credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, checks, electronic benefits transfers (EBTs) and other electronic transactions. Simply swipe the customer’s card through the card reader and the terminal does the rest. Add a PIN pad to your credit card machine to process PIN debit cards and EBT transactions.


These point-of-sale countertop terminals are the workhorses of the brick-and-mortar sales environment where card-present transactions are the norm.

Ingenico iWL 255

Mobile sales are easy with this compact, reliable 3G wireless terminal. Meeting the highest security requirements, the iWL 255 accepts EMV chip and PIN, magstripe, contactless, NFC couponing and e-wallet payments.

VeriFone Vx520

Processing flexibility, speed and security packaged in one easy-to-use, tech-forward terminal that you and your customers will appreciate.

Ingenico iCT250

This smart and compact desktop device is designed for maximum efficiency and is among the smallest and lightest terminals equipped for robust daily use. Operating with or without a cash register or POS system interface, the iCT250 accepts all forms of payment.

Ingenico iCT 220 CTL

The iCT220 CTL terminal from Ingenico provides secure, flexible transaction processing, and is EMV and NFC capable.